Hello, and welcome!

I’m Cornelius Gould, and this is my little spot on the Internet!

Welcome to my equipment room!  The Omnia.11 G-Force processor, and the Audio Chameleon processors are behind me!

Depending on your location in the world, you either know me for my skill in broadcast audio processing or for my love of amateur rocketry.

This site showcases my career as an expert developer of audio processing algorithms.

My foray into broadcast audio processing began at the age of 12 as an offshoot of my basement “pirate” radio station. After having built the station myself, I compared my sound with mainstream stations and wondered why their sound felt  larger, fuller, and more exciting than mine.

Eventually I became aware of this thing called an “Audio Processor”. I knew that had to have something to do with it and set out to learn more. A couple of years later, I found some information about one…and the price tag! I figured since I was able to build a radio station, then I should be able to build that too. That started this life-long quest to better myself with each new design in the quest to create the ultimate sound I could possibly come up with.

I’m checking out one of the five F-1 engines used for the Apollo Saturn V moon rocket. Hmm…how much bass can you get out of this thing?

This followed me to my early adult years, where I found myself working in radio as a green broadcast engineer. Eventually, I was able to get the keys (literally in the case of the Optimod) to the processing kingdom. With that, I oversaw the sound of a real honest to goodness class B station in a medium-large market. I was thrilled!

As time passed, I became aware of the fact that my designs had a characteristic sound of their own that the existing processors could not duplicate, and that others enjoyed. I was able to put some of my designs on the air at some of the stations I oversaw and confirmed this.

Through the long strange trip that is life, I eventually ended up where I am now at the Telos Alliance doing something that I thought was a total pipe dream…developing broadcast audio processing algorithms for use on radio stations all over the globe!

I hope to personally share with you some thoughts behind these algorithms, as well as some basic education on the topic of Audio Processing and all its various aspects from microphones to over the air.

My site is being overhauled, and re-designed and re-written, so more topics and articles will appear over time.