Category Archives: Omnia 6 and 6exi Version 2 CG Presets

March 2009, at The Netherlands Processing Freak day, Cornelius announced that he has new Omnia6 presets that match some of the characteristics achieved in the Omnia.One audio processor based on his well known "CG Series" algorithm tweaks. 

If you like what you heard with the new Omnia.One CG Presets these version 2 presets for the Omnia.6 will make you happy as well!

**Note** Do not keep more than 20 customized user presets stored onto the Omnia6 at any time.  Attempting to store more than 20 user customized presets could result in card corruption.

The way to check this and to take action, go to the Omnia6 menu, then navigate to preset -> modify -> and from there you can delete all unused user defined presets.

 **Note2** if you have downloaded any of these presets within the first couple of weeks of me posting them (March 2009), they have a bug where the wideband AGC is turned "off" by default.  No need to download again, just go into the wideband AGC block, and re-engage the wideband AGC.  

All presets on this site as of mid-March 2009 have the correction applied.