It’s the end of an era…

Today was my last day at The Telos Alliance. The past almost 11 years were filled with fun adventures as I worked to bring my audio processing ideas to life at Omnia.

I will be moving to a new adventure to be announced soon!

In the meantime, I’d like to let you know that my processing ideas are not orphaned by any stretch of the imagination. I will maintain contact with Telos on a consultant basis to keep my audio processing creations alive and relevant. I also have a ton of other algorithms in the hands of Frank Foti and the gang that have yet to be implemented…so the creative solutions from me will continue to flow for some time to come.

My change is purely a result of me accomplishing the bulk of what I wanted to do in terms of full time work in audio processing, and I am following up on other technical areas that have interested me for quite some time…only now the technology has caught up with my thoughts & ideas.

Stay tuned, and thanks for all your support! All of you have made this a fun ride!

To team Omnia members Frank Foti, Mark Manolio, Paul Kriegler, Rob Dye, Ed Zmuginsky, Geoff Steadman, and Derek Pilkington, along with past team members, thanks for lots of fun memories!!

Here’s to more fun adventures in new areas!