Omnia.6EXi Presets

Reposted from October, 2009

The presets contained in this section are for the Omnia 6EXi audio processors, around version 7.2.5 or so and later!

If you are using Omnia6EX, these presets will work for you as well.  You may have to tweak the clipper drive levels to suit your particular loudness vs. distortion requirements.

The suggested music formats are ONLY suggestions.  A “CHR designed preset” may very well work for Country, Rock, or AC.  It all depends on the characteristic sound of your particular radio market.  Some markets sound more aggressive than others, and there really is no “one size fits all” preset out there!


Do not keep more than 20 customized user presets stored in the Omnia6 at any time!  Attempting to store more than 20 user customized presets could result in card corruption.

The way to check this and to take action, go to the Omnia6 menu, then navigate to preset -> modify -> and from there you can delete all unused user defined presets.


This preset is based on the “CGSmooth” preset, and there is more “ommph” in this version.  A noticable amount of low end coloration has been added.  Fits with most contemporary music formats.


This is a general AC / Soft Rock preset which provides a nice balanced open sound, and gives nice dial presence for the given level of openess.

Great for AC, Soft AC, and punchier (more aggressive) Smooth Jazz type formats.

CG NPR Pure.prs

CG NPR Pure is designed for those needing a pure sounding preset that basically passes program bus quality audio to the airwaves.
It isn’t loud, but makes for a great starting point to build up a pure sounding preset for your station.
Be sure to check out “VinylOpen” for a preset starting point for those looking for another option to start from.


The CG Smooth Rock preset is the most aggressive version of the CG Smooth preset series.
This preset can be used for Rock, CHR, Rytmic AC formats.

Rock On!


This preset is modified from the CGCHR preset.
There is more limiter action dialed in for a more “compressed” sound for those looking for that effect.

Great for aggressive AC & Hot AC’s, “exciting” CHR and Rythmic formats.


This preset is great for Hot AC / AC / CHR / Top 40 and many rythmic and R&B formats.

What you get with CGCHR is “nice open punch”Clean bass, and clear highs.  Give it a shot!


CG Country is (obviusly) tweaked around the country music format.  You may also find it handy for “laid back” Contemporary Christian formats too.


The CGMighty80’s preset is modeled after the version I created for the Omnia.One porcessor.  it is an “over the top” preset I created for fun to emulate the hyper-compressed sound of 1980’s top 40 radio.

The main difference here?  The has four bands of processing….with the Omnia6 you have 5 and 6 bands of power.  Lets see what the 80’s would have sounded like with this kind of power behind it!  LOL….

Seriously, though, Since releasing the version for the, I have found there are  quite a few operators out there who have been trying to emulate this sound with their digital processors.

Now the option is here for the Omnia6!

Have fun!


The CGRockNRoll preset is a general rock preset that can be easily manipulated to provide the effect you are looking for.

By default, it is tuned around Classic Rock / Active Rock type formats.  Use more limiter action (drive) to provide more “squish” if you desire that.   To do that, turnup the levels on the “Limiter Crossover” block.

CGs DenseAC.prs

For those who feel the need to *hear* the processing…those who like to have the processing “push back” at ya while jocking.  This preset is VERY dense, yet smooth.

The dense series of presets are my attempts at more of a “retro” processing sound.    Feedback and user variations on these themes are always welcome!


CGShiny – is a modified version of my new “CGWarm” preset with some audio sparkle added to the highs.


This is my original “Smooth” Omnia 6EXi preset.  This preset is remarkably transparent, and perfect for formats where high TSL / or the desire to maintain sonic integrity of the program material while still maintaining a decent amount of loudness.

Great for Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Classical, Non Com Triple A, etc.


This preset is tweaked around CHR material, though I think this woulds work great for folks doing retro 80’s Top-40 formats.

The dense series of presets are my attempts at more of a “retro” processing sound.    Feedback and user variations on these themes are always welcome!


Another dense sounding preset.  Think of one as a generic dense “preset template” for end users to use to tweak in a specific sound of their own.  There are lots of hidden parameter changes loaded in when using this preset, so tweaking this up is VERY different than what you would expect when tweaking the Omnia 6 processor.

The dense series of presets are my attempts at more of a “retro” processing sound.    Feedback and user variations on these themes are always welcome!


This is a new preset that is tuned to give a “warm” sound.  I am noticing many broadcasters moving away from the “shrill” or “skreechy” sound of radio in recent years, wanting to get back to a “warmer” sound or tone on – air.

This preset tunes the Omnia 6ex / 6exi for that kind of sound.

Great starting point for any format needing a warm sound!


CGWarmSmooth – This is the CGSmooth preset with the “warm tweaks” in CGWarm added.