Cornelius Gould Omnia.11 G-Force presets for Urban AC / Urban / CHR / Pop Music Leaning formats

Urban / Urban AC presets

These presets are designed for Urban / Urban AC / Pop Music / CHR.  They feature a distinctive low-end (bass) character, and a mellow sounding high end (treble).

These presets will ONLY work in G-Force, and will only sound correctly when used with G-Force  version 3.5(75) or higher.  

These are presets not on the Omnia.11 factory build.  They are new presets I designed in my sound lab and over the air waves for friends.

The suggested music formats are ONLY suggestions.  A “CHR designed preset” may very well work for Country, Rock, or AC.  It all depends on the characteristic sound of your particular radio market.  Some markets sound more aggressive than others, and there really is no “one size fits all” preset out there!

Need to tweak the preset more?  Look here for ideas!

CG_UrbanAC_5a:  A General use UrbanAC style preset.  Useful for Urban / Urban AC / CHR formats

CG_UrbanAC_5c:  A warmer sounding version of the above.

CG_UrbanAC_Soft1:  Transients (Drums / Percussion and percussion-like sounds) are made tamer in this preset.  Reminiscent of “old school” processing.  Might be nice for “throwback” formats.

CG_UrbanAC_Soft2:  A warmer sounding version of the above.

CG_UrbanAC_BassPunch:  This preset has nice punchy bass.  Great for formats that lean “Dance” or have a “Party” feel.

CG_UrbanAC_Dynamic_1:  Very open and dynamic version of the Urban AC yet maintains the loudness of the other versions in this series.

CG_UrbanAC_Dynamic_2: Same as above, but with “less punchy” bass.

CG_UrbanAC_dynamic_3: “Warmer” version of Dynamic_2

CG_UrbanAC_dynamic_4: “Warmer” version of Dynamic_1