DynaClear presets for Omnia.11 G-Force Version 3.6

These presets are designed to take advantage of the advances presented in the upcoming version 3.6 release of the Omnia.11 G-Force audio processor.


While you can use this version on version 3.5 and notice some unique characteristics presented in the preset, you will be lacking features such as the version 2 Pepino clipper, Bass Clarity, and other improvements.

If you DO load this on version 3.5, and make ANY changes, I suggest you save it under a new name, and not overwrite what you download here. Once you save this preset in a version older than 3.6, the preset will revert to a version 3.5 preset, and will sound like version 3.5 even after you upgrade to 3.6!

Saving changes to a unique name means you still have the original download to switch to after you upgrade to 3.6!

With that out of the way, let’s talk about DynaClear.

These two presets essentially “abuse” the transient detail function to present to listeners a highly dynamic sounding audio while still maintining loudness.

The type of loudness here is very different from the typical “always smashed by heavy compression” type sound many broadcasters gravitate to. This is the kind of loudness where the loudest elements in the program audio will be at maximum preset loudness while “background” elements remain somewhat lower. This reduces long term listening fatigue greatly.

By running the multiband AGC thresholds at a much lower level, and running transient detail enhance all the way up, we are able to give the transient detail processor a wider range to work from.

Bass Clarity lets the deeep bass come through smoothly without bass intermod distortion, which lets the “growl” effect in many songs you are familiar with come through. You’ll be surprised at the number of songs that have a decent amount of bass growl hidden in the recording!

Pepino version 2 mode gives the FM clipping system greater high frequency headroom, especially when pushed for maximum loudness performance.

The DynaClear_AAA version of the preset is useful for Rock / Classic Rock / AC / Triple A / Modern rock / CHR / Country. Yes. Everything. 🙂

The DynaClear_AAA_Wrm version is warmer, and is tuned for an increase of “mycro-dynamics”.

It has a “bright upper mids” signature to it that allows guitars and vocals pop through.

The DynaClear_CHR version is like AAA except that the mids are brought down a tad for markets that are not as bright in signature. Use with all of the above formats, and this may be a nice one to try for CCM & Christian AC stations as well!

Dynaclear_CHR_3b is a louder version of DynaClear_CHR (3a)

DynaClear is the winning name for this preset suggested by Steven Benzer on a Facebook audio processing forum. Many folks contacted me saying that this was the perfect name for the preset.