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Listening for Coding Artifacts

Listening for coding artifacts

When you hear audio engineers talk about coded audio, inevitably you’ll hear us talk about “coding artifacts” in one way or another.What are “coding artifacts”, and what exactly is it that we are hearing?Listening for artifacts involves knowing where to listen.  In this case, one must listen int he background.  It is also easier to hear artifacts if you have a non-coded version of the audio compare with. Continue reading Listening for Coding Artifacts

Phone Hybrid Mix Minus ideas

Mix-Minus using portable mixing gear   


There are many Telos-type phone hybrids out there now.  Many of which are in the ever increasing hands of free-lance personel. The proliferation of portable low cost / high quality mixing boards by companies such as Mackie Yamaha, and Sampson, (among many others) have become the standard in the free-lance world.

Depending on your console’s design, you can achieve mix minus one of two ways.

Method 1 – A “broadcast-like” mix minus setup

A modern broadcast console is equipped with two or more outputs.  Typically they’re labeled “Program”, “Audition”, and “Utility”(The latter could be named “Mono”, or “Telephone”). Continue reading Phone Hybrid Mix Minus ideas